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SnowKidz Report Released

Get all the insights into the 19/20 season of SnowKidz
The annual SnowKidz Report delves into the programme to provide Event Organisers, the public, snow sports stakeholders and anyone an insight into what took place in the past 12 months of SnowKidz.


Despite the global pandemic the results of the 2019/2020 season were positive. These include:

• 5 global partners: Atomic Skis, Dinoski, MND Group, the European Federation for the Sport Goods Industry (FESI) and Right to Play

• 7 events in major cities

• 9 nationwide actions

• 30 participating countries

• Average of 17.8% growth on all social media channels.

• 94% retention rate of events

• 92% of Organisers said SnowKidz events and actions did help them bring a new generation to their organisation/resort

• 515 Event Organisers

• 681 events and actions in a 12 month span

• 4'449 SnowKidz events since 2009

• Over 22’700 minutes watched on YouTube
• More than 128’000 visitors to www.snowkidz. com

• 624’990 participants for the 2019/2020 sea¬son of SnowKidz

• Over 4.4 million participants since SnowKidz inception in 2009

The release of the report signifies the end of the SnowKidz season. FIS would like to thank all the Event Organisers, SnowKidz partners, event partners, National Ski Associations and most of all parents and event participants.

To download the report and see previous SnowKidz reports as well as individual event reports click here: