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SnowKidz Award Case Studies Released

The SnowKidz Awards not only bring a lot of attention but also many questions. One of the most widely asked questions is “what makes these programmes so successful?” To help answer this question, FIS have released Case Studies of each of the top 3 winners of the 2018 SnowKidz Award.

Inside each Case Study, interested parties will find information on what the project is, who is the Organiser, who is the target group, what are the project aims, who are the assisting partners and what they do to assist the project, what are the long term goals and finally what are the results. Accompanying each Case Study is a video to help illustrate the project. The Case Studies can also be downloaded in PDF format and shared amongst friends.

Finally a reminder to all persons interested in entering the SnowKidz Award, nominations close 15th February 2020.

For all the Case Studies and information on the 2020 SnowKidz Award click the link below: