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Safety made easy and fun

Updated SnowKidz Safety Animations available
The SnowKidz Safety Animations have become the most popular tool from the SnowKidz Digital Toolkit. Based on the 10 FIS Rules of Conduct of Skiers and Snowboarders, the safety animations have been designed to educate children about snow sports safety in a fun and informative manner. What is more is that the animations are available in over 15 languages.

To keep in line with federal safety laws and expand the use of the animations throughout the globe the SnowKidz Animations have been updated. Amongst the updates are subtitle amendments and the inclusion of new languages such as Slovenian, Greek, Dutch and Romanian.

To obtain the Safety Animations, Organisations need only do one of three options:

Option 1: register as a SnowKidz Organiser on www.snowkidz.com and access the Digital Toolkit.

Option 2: Visit the SnowKidz YouTube channel by clicking here.

Option 3: Email us at snowkidz@fisski.com and a link to download the files will be provided.

Once the files are obtained they can be implemented in a multitude of areas including digital communications such as social media or websites or onsite at lift stations and on TV screens in ski/snowboard schools or at rental shops.