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The Brave Ski Mom - Why We Ski: Inspiration for Ski Mums and Dads

Do you ever think about why you ski?

Last season, one of my sons asked me why I smile when I ski.

After some reflection, I had an answer for him and for myself. And my answer went well beyond the simple act of smiling.

Instead, my answer encompassed why I ski and why skiing is good for me and my family.

Perhaps some of my reasons for skiing will resonate with you.

Joy. I smile because skiing is joyous. It is joyous to experience the freedom, the speed and the rush of linking turns on corduroy. I feel joy when Iíve mastered something that once bedeviled me, whether a challenging set of moguls or a tight couloir.

Challenge. Skiing is mentally and physically challenging. Skiing requires concentration and attention that remove me from everyday cares and responsibilities. Itís a subtle balance; thinking, but not too much thinking, as I challenge myself on new terrain.

Health. Skiing is good for my heart, my lungs and my legs. Whether Iím on alpine or nordic gear, I find skiing the most enjoyable way to get exercise (and endorphins) during winter.

Family. Skiing with my children and husband is immensely rewarding. Watching my children grow in skill and the love of winter sports fills my heart to the brim with gratitude. Spending time skiing together gives my husband and me an insight into our sonsí worlds and their minds.

Friends. Skiing is a perfect way to spend time with friends. While we donít all ski or ride at the same level, we all enjoying chatting, laughing and a carefree, outdoor escape from daily responsibility.

Inspiration. Have you ever stood at the top of a mountain and felt that you have never seen anything so beautiful? I often feel that way when skiing. The light on the mountains, the drifting clouds, the depth of color that modulates as winter turns to spring; the beauty inspires me.

Skiing is Good For My Family

For all of the reasons that skiing is good for me, I think itís also good for my family.

We started our kids skiing when they were quite young and luckily our sons took to skiing like they took to breathing air.

And while I appreciate the exercise theyíre getting, the unplugged time in the outdoors and the time they spend with their friends, I love that even as young adults, they still enjoy skiing with us, their parents.

Skiing is where weíve made many memories.

Photos from ski days, ski races and ski vacations fill our photo albums and take up memory on our phones and computers.

These memories, encompassing the joy, challenge, beauty and rewards of skiing, bond us together.

We couldnít ask for anything more.

Hailing from Colorado (USA) Kristen Lummis, or as she is better known, the Brave Ski Mom, is an avid skier and true family mum in every sense of the word. www.thebraveskimom.com