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Olympics with SnowKidz and Eurosport

From February 9. – 25. the world will witness the 23rd Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang (KOR). For some adults it will be a chance to see the best of the best in one place but for kids it will be the moment they are inspired to start snow sports.

To make watching the Games easier SnowKidz have teamed up with Eurosport. To do this visit the SnowKidz homepage (www.snowkidz.com) and click on the box “Winter Olympics with Eurosport.” Once there you can sign up or login to the Eurosport Player for just one month for 7Euro to watch just the Games or for a full year for 60Euro. The full year pass will give you access to not only the games but a whole host of other winter sports broadcast on Eurosport.

Enjoy and happy Winter Olympic Games.