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2019 SnowKidz Report Released

Each year the FIS SnowKidz programme releases a Final Report. The report documents the last 12 months of the programme with the aim of providing Organisers and the public a tool with which to gauge the status of the SnowKidz programme.

The 2019 edition of the report revealed the following findings:

• 6 global partners: Atomic Skis, Burton Riglet Snowboarding, MND Group, Skadi App. the European Federation for the Sport Goods Industry (FESI) and Right to Play
• 9 events in major cities
• 10 nationwide actions
• 35 participating countries
• Average of 27.6% growth on all social media channels.
• 81% of persons who attended SnowKidz events stated that “Spending time with friends and family” was the key reason they attended SnowKidz events
• 96% of persons who attended a SnowKidz event stated they would attend the same event the following year.
• 97% retention rate of events
• 494 Event Organisers.
• 810 events and actions in a 12 month span
• 3’799 SnowKidz events since 2009
• Over 22’700 minutes watched on YouTube
• More than 142’000 visitors to www.snowkidz.com
• More than 500’000 participants at the largest event/action for the fifth year in a row.
• Over 4.9 million participants since SnowKidz inception

As well as statistical information on the SnowKidz Report examined areas such as actions from the SnowKidz partners, the status of the SnowKidz goals as also provides recommendation to current and future SnowKidz Event Organisers

The full SnowKidz Final Report can be viewed online and downloaded via the link below: